Facilitation Training

In many cases the groups we work with have the capability to be self-facilitating, but lack the expertise, tools and techniques to be able to do so effectively. We offer workshops and coaching in developing facilitation skills in circumstances such as:

  • Managers who want their teams to become more self determining;
  • Groups who feel they lack effectiveness in reviewing skills and learning lessons form their experience;
  • Trainers who feel comfortable providing input but much less confident in situations of ambiguity where outcomes are unclear and different views exist around the table.
Groups who have undertaken our programmes report that they gain not only a new skill set but have a profound personal development experience.

Thanks to you and Phil for all your help, not just with the facillitation training and the practical stuff during the week, but also for the support and feedback you have given us personally. I, for one, am really grateful and hope we get to work together again sometime. I am still smiling believe it or not – though am beginning to wonder if my face muscles have just locked in some bizarre way! We’ve had some lovely feedback from people at the event and it all feels like a really worthwhile effort at the moment.

– Participant from facilitator training programme –