About Us

Transformation Partners’ mission is to support people and organisations to transform themselves and their organisations. All the people involved in Transformation Partners have been helping to develop high performance organisations for over 20 years.

Our key objectives are:

  1. Promote personal and organisational growth through applying positive psychology and authentic leadership approaches to organisation development.
  2. Support people to make the best of themselves through coaching, programmes and action enquiry.
  3. Collaborate in our work with partner organisations and clients who believe in making the future happen rather than letting it happen.
  4. Provide solutions in leadership, organisation development and business change that inspire the people we work with to transform the way they do things.

The 4 years since we formed have been challenging and enjoyable, but above all, busy. We have developed a strong track record in our own right and have built long term relationships with key clients who value our inclusive approach and our focus on outcomes and results. And we are working on becoming wiser – as consultants, as people and as partners.


Transformation Partners Team Biographies