Facilitation Services

Overcoming barriers to performance is how groups become teams

– Katzenbach & Smith, The Wisdom of Teams

Our facilitation services are all about helping organisations to become high performing. One of the things that blocks teams and groups from doing this is when they get stuck and are too close to the task or outcome they are trying to achieve to find a way of moving on. When this happens once, there may be no problem, but over time most groups tend to develop ingrained ways of working and stereotypical views of members, and these can really inhibit performance.

Skilful facilitation by someone not involved in the task or outcomes allows a group of people to reach an outcome which, collectively, they will take ownership of, and responsibility for, and to which they will be fully committed. The facilitator acts as a catalyst, creating the conditions for productive behavioural chemistry to take place.

We have many years of experience in helping teams, groups and sometimes organisations to reach the outcomes they are capable of.

Our services cover a number of categories: