Business Psychology

Occupational Psychology is based on academic foundations that go back a century, driven by thought leaders who recognised that people issues are the critical causes of organisations undershooting what they could achieve. First and foremost, organisations, teams, clients and suppliers are collections of people – and people are complex creatures. Business Psychology seeks ways to understand and manage this complexity, by benefiting from “the scientific study of the relationship between man and the world of work… in the process of making a living
– Guion, 1965 –

Business thinking requires Business Psychology services

People and organisations employ our services to find answers to the following kinds of problems:


  • How can we get the best from our people?
  • Why motivation is a problem and what can we do about it?
  • How can we recognise and develop high flyers?
  • Who should we promote and how should we assess individual potential?


  • Why are we finding collaboration difficult?
  • How can we obliterate a siloed culture?
  • What mechanism can we promote to get our people to be more open and transparent?
  • Why are our leaders struggling to stay on the same page?


  • How can we encourage positive teamwork in a downturn?
  • How can we develop sustainable change in working practices?
  • What does this organisation stand for and how do we encourage our people to have a dialogue about this?
  • Why is our performance plateaued and what can we as leaders do about it?
Based on high quality, evidence based research, we can offer diagnostic tools, tailored solutions and advice on sustainability in response to all of these questions, and more. Our services in this area include: