David Hain

Director – Transformation Partners

Processes don’t work, people do!
– John Seeley Brown

I have spent 25 years working with people who wanted to develop themselves and their organisations, firstly as a training manager with Marks and Spencer, then as an organisation development consultant with a small boutique and a ‘Big 4’ consulting firm, Deloitte. I have been lucky enough to work all over the world and to learn about the impact that culture has on leadership and organisation development at first hand. I founded Transformation Partners with Philippa, my life and business partner, to develop a vehicle that enables us to live out our values and beliefs with people and organisations who share our excitement about growth, and its impact on business results.

David Hain - Business Consultant with 25yrs experience developing people
David Hain – Business Consultant with 25yrs experience developing people
I have coached well over 1000 people, run numerous leadership programmes and worked at Board level in very large, global organisations and very small, local ones. And everything I have learned confirms my view that people and relationships are the key to successful achievement of business goals. While it is hugely important to understand the context and system in which clients are operating, the key to successful development is finding and maintaining a clear focus on getting the best from yourself and the people who matter in your business.


This is my passion, not just my business. I want to work with people both as colleagues and clients who share that passion. My favourite quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson – it is as true of me as I’m sure it is of you – “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” I try to work with people in such a way that they become inspired by the possibilities available to them, and from this inspiration, find a way to deliver sustainable results in whatever enterprise they are involved with.