John Boddy

John Boddy - BA Ph.D. Chartered Occupational Psychologist
John Boddy – BA Ph.D. Chartered Occupational Psychologist

In my long career as a psychologist it has been repeatedly brought home to me that both individuals and organisations too often fall below what they have the potential to achieve. The vision I pursue in my work is of open, democratic, collaborative workplaces in which individuals with self-awareness and self-belief realise their potential and find fulfilment in their work.

In pursuit of deep understanding of the roots of human behaviour, I pursued a wide-ranging and successful career teaching and researching in the Psychology Department of Manchester University. My interests became progressively focussed in teaching and research on individual differences, health psychology and, latterly, occupational/organisational psychology, which became my dominant interest during a 3-year spell teaching, researching and consulting at Manchester Business School (MBS). Over the last twenty years, in MBS, Pauline Hyde Associates, Development Associates Group, Deloitte & Touche, Pearn Kandola, as an independent and in Transformation Partners, I have honed my skills in the pragmatic, sensitive and innovative application of psychological knowledge to help organisations get the best people and the best out of their people, and to help people get the best out of themselves.

Working in a range of high profile public and private sector organisations I have accumulated extensive experience in psychometric assessment for selection and development; design and validation of selection procedures; design of, and assessment in, assessment and development centres; delivering feedback and coaching for development; researching the competencies required for organisation success, survey based organisation improvement and development of tools for career choice and career development.

My two overarching values are that all that I do should be evidence based, and that every individual deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential in empowering, fulfilling work. Based on the evidence I have seen I am convinced that organisations are most likely to be successful when people are inspired by the vision of what they seek to achieve, and are trusted to deploy their intelligence, resourcefulness and creativity.